Built libs installation

This small article will guide you through the installation of the wxWidgets 3 libs witch are downloadable from this site.

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Do not hesitate to contact me if you want any clarification on a particular point, or for anything else.


The first archive you'll have to download is one of the mandatory ones witch contains the headers files.

It can be downloaded from the official site:

You will then need at least one of the archives containing the built libs, and if you want, the one containing the documentation (whitch can be replaced, in the case of an official release, by the corresponding archive of the official site).


Put all the downloaded files in the folder in which you want to install your libs. It is better to choose a folder whose path does not contain spaces or special characters, because some compilers do not like this.

Then select them, right-click on them, and choose the "Extract here" menu entry (or something similar depending on the archives manager you are using), as shown in the screenshot below (sorry, it is a french language screenshot...).

Libs archives extract
Libs archives extraction

Depending on the archives you've downloaded, you will perhaps have to confirm the replacement of a few files during the decompression process. You will find explanations for this later in this article.

If you've downloaded at least one archive containing dynamic libs, there is still a small operation to be performed for your system to know where to find the corresponding dll files. For this you have two options:

There is a thing to consider when you want to use these libs.
It is the fact that, for each Release configuration, I used the "DEBUG_FLAG=0" parameter during the compilation process. So, do not be surprised if, during the compilation of your application, you get errors messages like "undefined reference to wxTheAssertHandler".

You can correct this in a very simple way: you just have to add the "wxDEBUG_LEVEL=0" parameter to the compiler options.

Additionnal settings

At this point, your libs are installed and more importantly, you can use them.

However, you can optimize your installation if you have downloaded only one part of the availables configurations.

During a classical compilation process, files to pass to the linker are placed in a folder named "gcc_lib", "gcc_dll" "vc_lib" or "vc_dll", witch is placed in the "lib" folder of your installation directory.

If you have a look at the installation tree, you'll find one or more folder whose name is the same as above, followed by a number ("32" or "64") and possibly the word "_Mono". The number shows the architecture of the compiler used (32 or 64 bits) and the word "_Mono" indicates that it is the monolithic version of the libs.

This is because while compiling, I used the "CFG" parameter to place each configuration result in its own folder so they can coexist together.

Again, you have several options:

Overwriting some files

If you've downloaded multiple versions of the libs, you probably had to confirm the overwriting of some files during the decompression process.

This problem concerns an OpenGL related dll file, witch have the same name for the monolithic and the multi-libs configurations.

If you do not intend at all to use this additional library (which, I repeat, is only to be used if you want to integrate wxWidgets OpenGL classes), do not worry about this warning.

If, instead, you want to use it, several choices are availables to you: