wxWidgets-2.8.12 built libs

wxWidgets-2.8.12 is the last official stable release of the 2.x framework's branch made on 2011-03-28.

The libs are available in the following configurations:

  • Gcc-4.8.1-TDM / Gcc-4.9.2-TDM / Gcc-5.1.0-TDM / Ms Visual C++ 2008 / Ms Visual C++ 2010
  • 32 bits only (the 2.x branch doesn't support 64 bits builds for Windows)
  • Ansi / Unicode
  • Debug / Release
  • Dynamic / Static
  • Monolithic / Multi-libs

Each archive contains a version "Release" and a version "Debug" of the libs

Note that the libs build with Gcc-TDM use the "SJLJ" exceptions propagation method (witch is the default mode).

Download links

Here are the download links for the packages of this version.

Please, do not include theses links in any website without telling me about before.

Mandatory package

Optionnal package

Gcc-4.8.1-TDM - Ansi

Gcc-4.8.1-TDM - Unicode

Gcc-4.9.2-TDM - Ansi

Gcc-4.9.2-TDM - Unicode

Gcc-5.1.0-TDM - Ansi

Gcc-5.1.0-TDM - Unicode

Ms Visual C++ 2008 - Ansi

Ms Visual C++ 2008 - Unicode

Ms Visual C++ 2010 - Ansi

Ms Visual C++ 2010 - Unicode