wxWidgets Snippets

This is not really a software I've made.

It consists of small applications showing a particular feature of wxWidgets, or a portion of code that uses this framework.

The last version of the source code can be found on the corresponding GitHub repository

Available Snippets:

  • Cpp Py AboutBoxDlg: A home made about box
  • Cpp Py AboutBoxWx: A wxWidgets provided standard about box
  • Cpp No AddRemoveCtrl: A small example on how to use wxAddRemoveCtrl (needs wxWidgets-3.1.0)
  • Cpp Py AutoComplete: A small example on how to use autocompletion with wxWidgets textboxes
  • Cpp Py DropTarget: A simple method to receive file(s) or directory(ies) dropped from the OS's file manager
  • Cpp No Guid: A small cross-platform (Windows, Linux and Max) Guid class
  • Cpp Py Internat1: A first method to use wxWidgets I18N system
  • Cpp No Ipc (Interprocess Communication): How to give the focus to an already running instance of an application
  • Cpp Py PwdProtect: Password protected access to an application
  • Cpp Py NotifMsg: How to show a notification message on the desktop
  • Cpp Py StdPaths: An application to show each values that can be returned by wxStandardPaths
  • Cpp Py SettingsManager: wxWidgets singleton class to manage an application's settings
  • Cpp Py TestApp: A simple wxWidgets application to quickly make tests

As you can guess from the icons above, they are all available in C++, and some of them (but not all) are available in Python (using the wxPython framework).

Other things shown by these snippets

  • Single instance checker (SettingsManager snippet): It prevents the user from launching more than one instance of the application (this feature can be enabled or disabled using the settings dialog box)
  • Datas file compression (SettingsManager snippet): It allows to compress a file during its creation process so it can't be edited by a simple text editor. In this snippet, the settings are stored in a simple xml file but if the compression is enabled, you can't see its content.
  • Embedding images (or any other binary file) into the application (PwdProtect snippet): It allows binary files such as images or other things to be integrated into the application without providing the file itself. In this snippet, the key image shown on the login dialog in integrated into the executable.

Need a particular snippet ?

If you would like to see a specific thing in this snippets list, don't hesitate to tell me about using the contact page.