wxWidgets libs

This page, and the associated sub pages, will allow you to download built versions of the wxWidgets libs.

Depending on each versions, these built libs are available for differents compilers:

They are generally available in both 32 and 64 bits (to be used with the corresponding compiler) and for MinGW-TDM, in 32bits built with the 64 bits compiler.

I do not (yet) provide any installer : each package is distributed as a 7-Zip archive.

In the Articles section, you'll find a detailled method on how to install these packages on your computer.

Do not hesitate to report any lack or any error you'll find, or to ask for help using these libs.

Last official releases

As the title tell it, these are packages of the official releases of wxWidgets:

Development snapshots

These are packages made with the last code modifications (related to a recent git commit).

The versions they are related to are not yet released, but you'll be able, with them, to test the last code improvements, and, why not, report any problem to the wxWidgets team.

Actually, they are related to the future following versions:

Old releases

These are package of versions that were previously released: